Are You Missing A Crucial Step In Your Skincare Routine?

If you are one of the many people who forgo a facial masque as a part of your regular skincare routine, you may want to reconsider. Masques offer something that your daily cleanser-toner-moisturizer will not. If you’re looking for real change, don’t miss this important step. Add a facial masque into the mix once a week and take your skin from OK to AMAZING. WHO:

The Skinny Moscow Mule

Now you can enjoy this classic cocktail without all the calories. I wondered if it would be as delicious, and it’s actually more refreshing. You gotta try this one out! What you’ll need: 2 oz Vodka 2-3 Lime Wedges 8 oz Diet Ginger Ale Freshly Shredded Ginger Fresh Mint Put the vodka, mint and ginger in your cup and muddle. Add ice cubes, Ginger Ale

Hot Summer Finds Under $40

Here are a few items I am currently sporting and loving. The best part, these summer finds are forty dollars or less! I love sharing my favorite things, especially when they are perfectly priced.   1. H&M Shoulder Bag in Silver 2. Xhilaration Strappy Flounce Bikini in Black, Top & Bottom 3. H&M Sunglasses in Black, Similar here 4. Mossimo Olivia Flip-Flops in Silver 5.

Strawberries & Your Skin

Is it just me, or is there something really sweet and romantic about strawberries? Maybe it’s because they are often paired with champagne. Who knows? In my mind strawberries are a symbol of love. Okay I said it… no judgement please. Beyond the health benefits when you eat them, or what they do for a salad or shortcake, strawberries will work wonders on your skin,

3 DIY Beauty Uses for Grapefruit

Grapefruit has the best reputation. Don’t you think? They are known for their ability to kick-start your metabolism, suppress your appetite and burn fat. They also boost your immune system, increase energy and hydration, reduce cellulite, and my personal favorite, clear your skin. This superfood will work wonders for your skin and body. Basically what I’m saying is… if you incorporate grapefruit into your daily

The Ivy Restaurant

The Ivy is one of L.A.’s delicious hot spots! It’s a very happening place located in a cozy, hip neighborhood on Robertson Boulevard. Although it’s busy, it has a certain charm. Perhaps it’s all the colorful roses, greenery and white aproned wait staff. It’s full of star-studded patrons, but the real celebrity in this place is the food (and the cocktails are a dream!) My

‘Eye’ believe in Miracles

Love or Leave. Product Review.  I don’t care who you are or how minimal or non-existent your crow’s feet are, everyone needs an eye cream. Why? First of all, it’s preventive. So regardless of your age and skin type, eye cream is a must!   Why Lavender Night Eye Cream? Well there’s the heavenly smell of course, but it also nourish and hydrates your skin. 

Laura’s Lemonade Cocktail

We love low-cal cocktails! I mean… who doesn’t love a cold refreshing drink without all the calories? Here’s an easy fresh cocktail that will make any of your weekend plans a delight. It’s not only delicious, but free of guilt. Go ahead and try this crowd pleaser! Laura’s Lemonade Cocktail What you’ll need: Lemon Perrier Newman’s Own Virgin Lemonade or fresh lemon juice Frozen or fresh

Neutrals & Nudes

Who doesn’t love neutrals? They are always classic and chic! There are many hot neutral items we’re obsessing over and we thought we’d share a few that are perfect for the arrival of summer! 1. Marc Jacobs Sheer Lip Gel in Strange magic  2. Monserat De Lucca Bochoa Shoulder Bag in Nude 3. Eminence Citrus Lip Balm  4. SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Water Lily 5.

3 DIY Eye Treatments!

Are you suffering from puffy or tired eyes? What about those dark circles that we all dread when working too late, partying too hard, or suffering from heartache? Well if any of this sounds familiar, EYE Think you need to check out the easiest and most effective eye treatments to remedy the problem! Teabags Steep 2 bags of tea (your choice) in hot water for