Start Your Week Off Right With This Green Smoothie

Hello and happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I love starting my week off with a clean, healthy start. I wanted to share with you one of my super-easy smoothie recipes to give you a refreshing start to your day! Its five simple ingredients and tastes delicious. It will give you energy and is packed with nutrients. I like to call my green

Bold, Dramatic Brows With One Product?

I have been shaping brows for over fifteen years, eyebrows are my thing. Needless to say, I’m passionate and opinionated about it, including when it comes to the products you can use to help keep your brow game strong. There are hundreds of brow products out there; it can get a bit overwhelming. I get it. I am giving you my current favorites in every

Are You Applying Your Skincare in the Right Order?

Not to get OCD on you or anything, but there should be a rhyme and reason to how you apply your skincare. One of our amazing customers emailed me over the weekend and asked me what order she should apply her products. This is such a great question! Whether your daily regimen is simple or extensive there is a certain order to do things. Why?

Little Gifts Of Love

Happy Wednesday friends. Hope you’re having a great week. This is officially the week of love, given its Valentines Day on Sunday. This holiday isn’t just about a significant other. I like to show my love to all the people in my life. Here are a few fun gift ideas for your girlfriends, sister, or anyone you want to give a little love to on

Easy Skin Secret!

The owner of Eminence Organic Skincare and one of my dear friends, Boldijarre Koronczay shares one of his easy skincare tips! We were catching up after one of his famous skincare classes, and I made him dish on a simple skincare secret!   I love sharing tips and tricks! 🙂 XO-LA  

How To Use Exfoliating Peels

Say hello to the new kids on the block… Firm, Clear, Calm & Bright! I love serious exfoliation, because it will change your skin. Thats why I’m in love with the new Eminence Exfoliating Peels. They are result driven, easy to use and are great for any skin type. Not to mention, they will not irritate or dry out your skin. Whether you’re trying to

One Item, Three Ways, Under Five Dollars

Hello and Happy New Year! Here is one of my favorite health and beauty tips that is easy, effective, and inexpensive. Green Tea used three different ways, and  it costs less than  five dollars! Green Tea is full of antioxidants, it can help reduce body fat, and provide instant energy. It can also help prevent liver damage, which pretty much means green tea is canceling

Green Avocado Smoothie Recipe

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite green smoothie recipes! It’s from the Beaming Brand, who has beauty food all figured out. Start your day out right and indulge in the deliciousness! Your skin and body will thank you 🙂 Green Goodness 3/4 cup almond milk 3/4 cup coconut water 2–3 Tbsp Beaming Plant-based Superfood Protein Powder 1/4 avocado 1/4 cup frozen banana 1 large

Bye Bye Peach Fuzz, Hello Dermaplaning!

I’m a huge advocate of shaving your face. Personally, I don’t think women should be walking around with a hairy face. Not even peach fuzz.  It turns out my obsession for shaving has reached new levels of fulfillment. Its called Dermaplaning! The technique is not brand new, but it’s becoming all the rage lately. Think Dermaplaning; it’s done by a licensed professional; Pro-Shaving, so you get the expert technique and the personal pampering. I

Delicious Protein Pancakes

How amazing is it that you can eat pancakes and actually be one step closer to a bikini body?! I’m in heaven over it. (Now, I’m just waiting for Protein French Fries to make their glorious debut.) In the mean time, I’ve been perfecting my Protein Pancake recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s quick, easy and delicious! Bon Appétit. What you’ll need: