3 DIY Eye Treatments!

Are you suffering from puffy or tired eyes? What about those dark circles that we all dread when working too late, partying too hard, or suffering from heartache? Well if any of this sounds familiar, EYE Think you need to check out the easiest and most effective eye treatments to remedy the problem! Teabags Steep 2 bags of tea (your choice) in hot water for

Lips & Hands

What is worse than cracked dry lips and hands during the winter months? Well maybe dealing with below freezing temperatures and feeling like you need a tan is a close second! Either way, it’s not cool when your lips are cracking to the point of bleeding and your cuticles are cursing your name because they are doing the same! Fortunately, I have good news regarding this

Tomatoes & Cottage Cheese

For those of you eating dairy, cottage cheese is the bomb. (Yes, I said bomb.) It does not get the street cred it deserves in the protein world. It’s low in calories and high in protein. It gives you energy, keeps you full, and is the perfect snack for weight loss or maintaining! I always buy Daisy Low Fat Cottage Cheese. It’s all natural, it

Spa Winners of Forbes 2015 Travel Awards

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the spa. It’s a splurge you may not indulge in, but maybe you should start! It’s good for the body and soul. Every year, the prestigious Forbes Travel list comes out with the winners of the top spas around the world. Here are some of the spas that won a coveted spot on the list that

Your Friendly Reminder

Your friendly reminder… Sometimes I wonder if the sun goes on vacation for winter break too. With all the grey skies and snowy days, it seems like it. But that doesn’t mean that when you are out there shoveling the walks, or on the ski slopes you can forget to protect your skin from its harmful rays. You may not see the sun, but it’s