More Than Skin Deep With James Vivian // Melasma

Hello There! My dear friend, James Vivian, was just in town from Australia, and every time he’s in Los Angeles we get together and talk skin. I’m always taken aback by his knowledge and understanding of the skin.  His vast knowledge of  the best ways to solve skin concerns/issues/problems is amazing! He is inspiring, passionate  and a total blast! People often ask me questions about

Why Pumpkin Is Perfect For Your Skin

Pumpkin has a special power over me. It makes me want things I normally don’t even enjoy such as bagels with cream cheese, pie and ice cream. Is anyone else like this? I mean, I really love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This is not entirely surprising because I love coffee so much. But all of the other things? It’s so out of character for me! Speaking of

Fall Skincare Tip | Bright Skin Collection

Last week I shared my “Fall Line Up”; the results driven products that are perfect to use during the fall and winter months. Today I’m dishing about the Bright Skin Collection and why they made the list. The Bright Skin Collection was created to give you bright, flawless skin. You can say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and dark spots! What makes these products so great and

Fall In Love With Your Skin

I always adjust my skincare routine when summer comes to an end to focus on repairing and correcting. This year especially I’m on a mission to remove my dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and sun damage. I want my skin to be bright, beautiful and my best accessory! For the next few weeks I will be sharing tips and tricks to help achieve your best skin yet.

Coco-licious Products

I recently posted the quote below on Beauty Destination’s Instagram It’s funny and so true! It got me thinking about the coconut products I use daily. They have changed my skin and I truly cannot live without them, especially my moisturizer. I start panicking when I start getting close to the bottom! Since coconuts can apparently solve almost all your problems, I figured I better

Get Glowing Skin For Your Night Out

Is your skin weekend ready? When it comes to weekend plans, you likely know where you’re going and what you’ll be wearing, but what about planning for your best accessory, your skin! I LOVE doing a little masque combo before any big night out. I always feel more confident and put together when my skin looks fresh and beautiful. That’s why I want to share

Lemon Skincare Tips + Tricks

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a cleanser, right? Lemon cleanser was the very first Eminence product I tried (over 10 years ago) and it had me at hello. It smells amazing and is refreshing and invigorating. Lemon cleanser is perfect for all skin types. It purifies and hydrates while balancing the skin. It leaves your skin clear, smooth and radiant. But wait…

Don’t Know Where To Start? Let Me Help!

I get emails all the time from first time visitors to and often even our existing customers asking which products they should start with or add to their skincare regimen. Skincare products can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to begin. I love being able to answer all the questions and help everyone find the right products for their skin type and/or

12 Not-So-Obvious Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is in full effect and I’ve been trying to take advantage of living in California. It’s my second summer here and I’ve been heading to the beach whenever I get a chance! Whether you’re headed to a lake, pool or beach bound you need to have your go-to beach bag essentials ready to rock. I’m not talking about the obvious items like sunglasses or

6 Unexpected Reasons You’re Breaking Out

Have you suddenly started breaking out and don’t know why? You know when it’s a hormonal breakout around that time of the month because it’s like clockwork. But what about when you randomly start breaking out, or if your already acne-prone skin seems to be getting worse? Frustrating to say the least, right? I don’t take acne lightly; it’s a real issue. However, sometimes it’s