Easy, Delicious Lime Chicken

I shared one of my favorite go-to recipes on snapchat and I’ve been getting many requests to post it on the blog. You guys asked, so here it is! Chicken can be boring. Why not add some excitement to it while keeping it easy, healthy and delicious? Hope you like it as much as I do. 🙂 Lime Chicken 4-6 chicken breasts Light Lime Vinaigrette

Beauty Coffee

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of what I call my “Beauty Coffee”. Since then, I’ve had many requests to share the recipe. I took the way my sister has always made coffee and a couple other recipes and made some adjustments. All you coffee lovers, I hope you enjoy. Beauty Coffee 24 oz Brewed Coffee 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil 1 Tbsp

Vegan Peach Cupcakes With Honey Buttercream Frosting + White Peach Sangria

Last weekend I helped my sister throw a birthday party for my niece Goldie’s first birthday. We made vegan peach cupcakes with honey buttercream frosting for treats with rosé and white peach sangria for the adults. It was the perfect pairing and a big hit! The cupcakes were very moist and the buttercream frosting made them extra delicious. I’m not vegan, but I always think

Two Skinny Summer Cocktails

I originally made these two cocktails for the Fourth of July weekend and they were a hit! They are quick and easy to make, which is especially nice when you’re hosting. I also made a big batch of both of them and took the premade drinks to the beach to share! Here is the recipe for the Watermelon Mojito and Skinny Lemonade, also known as…

The Perfect Pinot For Spring

I love transitioning into spring for many reasons, besides saying farewell to winter! In honor of the change, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Pinot Noir’s. Oregon’s Broadley Vineyard, Willamette 2013. Its lush and velvety with a smooth finish. The perfect pairing is anything that can be put on a table. 😉  Although thats true, my suggestions are anything from spice, grilled

Start Your Week Off Right With This Green Smoothie

Hello and happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I love starting my week off with a clean, healthy start. I wanted to share with you one of my super-easy smoothie recipes to give you a refreshing start to your day! Its five simple ingredients and tastes delicious. It will give you energy and is packed with nutrients. I like to call my green

Green Avocado Smoothie Recipe

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite green smoothie recipes! It’s from the Beaming Brand, who has beauty food all figured out. Start your day out right and indulge in the deliciousness! Your skin and body will thank you 🙂 Green Goodness 3/4 cup almond milk 3/4 cup coconut water 2–3 Tbsp Beaming Plant-based Superfood Protein Powder 1/4 avocado 1/4 cup frozen banana 1 large

Delicious Protein Pancakes

How amazing is it that you can eat pancakes and actually be one step closer to a bikini body?! I’m in heaven over it. (Now, I’m just waiting for Protein French Fries to make their glorious debut.) In the mean time, I’ve been perfecting my Protein Pancake recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s quick, easy and delicious! Bon Appétit. What you’ll need:

Healthy Turkey Meatballs

Take dinner or your next BBQ by the balls with this easy, healthy and delicious recipe! It’s one of my all time favorites and it’s a hit every time I serve it. It doubles nicely, so you have lunch or snacks for the following day. If you’re meal prepping, it saves you from the monotonous chicken and broccoli routine! I always serve the turkey balls

Blueberries + Your Skin

Blueberries not only taste good, but they will make you look good too! Incorporating them into your diet and beauty routine will help leave your skin looking clear, firm, and youthful. “How, you enthusiastically ask?” Antioxidants are simply nature’s fountain of youth and blueberries happen to be ranked number one in antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture: battling against 40 other fruits and vegetables! “Well then, I’ll