The OH-Shot… A Christmas Miracle!

I have something really good for you today and it should definitely be at the top of your Christmas wish list. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the vagina is all the rave right now, even to the point there are now “vagina spas”. No joke. I think it’s brilliant and I’ll tell you more, but first back to your wish list…

Who wants to increase your sex drive, have orgasms with ease, enjoy heightened sexual pleasure and stop urinary incontinence (this means you can jump for joy without peeing your pants!)? I’ll assume everyone’s hand is raised. In that case, let me introduce you to the OH-Shot!

The first time I heard about the OH-Shot I thought, well this sounds amazing. Let’s book an appointment now, like yesterday. I was sold from the beginning, but before getting it done I wanted to ask the person injecting my V a few questions, as I don’t take this topic or service lightly.

I see Regan at Visage Med Spa for other services (mini lip plump, Botox etc.) but he also does the OH-Shot. I trust him; he’s professional and very good at what he does. His background is in urology so I know he’s familiar with this area. (For those of you thinking, no way I want a guy giving me the OH-Shot, never fear. Visage also has a woman, Rachelle a nurse practitioner that also performs the service.) I asked Regan just about everything I could on the OH and here is the low-down.

The OH-Shot is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Vaginal Rejuvenation and the treatment includes drawing the patient’s own blood, spinning it to separate the plasma, and injecting that plasma into the vagina. The areas are numbed, and most patients experience little to no discomfort. The whole process from start to finish only takes about 30 minutes. There are no gimmicks or products involved. It’s literally your own plasma making magic happen down below. In my opinion every single one of you deserves this!

While it has major benefits regarding stress incontinence and overall bladder control, the major breakthrough is creating a physical intervention for the female orgasm. A breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for, indeed. The Oh-Shot is all about getting blood flow to the clitoris, because the quicker and richer the blood flow, the better and more mind-blowing the orgasm. It has been clinically proven to rejuvenate vaginal tissue and increase sexual pleasure. This rejuvenation process can also smooth the skin, increase natural lubrication, and improve the overall sexual experience. Finally for the first time ever, there is a clinically proven physical solution for the female orgasm!

What I love about the OH-Shot, besides the obvious 😉 is that it’s all about female sexual health and pleasure. In my opinion it seems the medical community has always been quick to respond to male impotence and other sexual issues, while continuing to label the lack of female orgasm as ‘psychological’ and not physical. It feels like they have been looking for ways to enhance male pleasure, while forgetting about the woman’s body and pleasure.

Well not anymore!!! Not with the vaginal rejuvenation (or should we say revelation) being one of the hottest topics. Its like there’s a vagina movement happening and can I just say- it’s about time!

I have more good news… I got the OH-Shot. Now I can tell you first hand about the process and outcome. Of course I made my friends come along with me to my appointment. I needed moral support, ya know? We had such a great time we’ve decided this is a perfect thing to do with your girlfriends, which is why I’m going to have an OH-Shot Party! My appointment turned into one and I wished everyone had been invited.

Anyway, it truly is quick, easy and painless. Here’s how it went…My friend and I walked into Visage and they took me back into a treatment room. The first thing they did was put numbing cream on my vagina. Then they drew my blood and then my friends and I just got to hangout for a second. We sipped on a little bubbly and waited for my plasma to spin down and V to get numb. Next thing I know I’m laying on the table kind of like when you’re at the OBGYN, but minus the stirrups and I’m ready for my OH-Shots (there are a total of four.)

I have to mention, I do not like needles in any way so I was nervous and did not like the thought of a needle going around my vag. I mean…are you serious? But I knew it would only take a second, plus you’re numb and the benefits far outweigh a moment of discomfort. Naturally I toughened up because I have my priorities straight. 😉

Now on to the shots…To create a visual for you, I had my friend Janette watching the process down below (she still wishes she was a doctor) and my friend Heather standing next to me holding her phone because I made her play Florence and Machine’s “Shake it Off”. We didn’t even get to the chorus and just like that, I was done. It’s literally that fast, easy and painless. It really was more like a party.

Before I give you the results, I want to start off by saying I have a very healthy relationship with my body and sexuality. I enjoy sex and always have. I do not have any complaints in this department. However, I have talked to hundreds of women over the years about their sex lives and the frustrations that come along with it; lack of sex-drive, inability to orgasm or have a vaginal orgasm, etc. There are real issues with women’s overall sexual experience and their longing for improvement. Which is why I’m very passionate about this new “vagina movement” and decided to check out the Oh-Shot.

Now back to the results! They told me it wouldn’t be immediate, that it can take a couple of weeks to build up and after a month it’s insanely good. Well…not for me. My results were almost immediate! Honestly, I was a little shocked. They weren’t kidding when they said mind-blowing. Listen, I don’t mean to get too personal here but, as the days went on it kept getting better and better. It’s more intense, sensitive and easier arousal for sure. In fact, I was watching the season premier of The Affair and I almost had to turn it off. I swear this is how men (and some lucky women) must feel. It actually makes me feel more confident and in tune with my body and sexuality. It really is off the charts amazing. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.

What’s really exciting to me is this could truly change a women’s entire sexual experience. It may improve your relationship and build your confidence. Who knows? You could literally have a rebirth. Well isn’t this a Christmas Miracle?!

Just in time to spice up the holidays! I will be sharing more of my favorite things for Christmas (and just for life) so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays Babes!

Love, Laura

I am going to be doing the OH-Shot party in January and if you’d like to come, click HERE & receive a discount on your service! Or if you have any questions about the OH-Shot and would like to ask a medical professional, call 801-281-3223.