Lemon Skincare Tips + Tricks

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a cleanser, right?

Lemon cleanser was the very first Eminence product I tried (over 10 years ago) and it had me at hello. It smells amazing and is refreshing and invigorating. Lemon cleanser is perfect for all skin types. It purifies and hydrates while balancing the skin. It leaves your skin clear, smooth and radiant.

But wait… I love this cleanser for more than just my face! Here are three ways to use lemon cleanser that will make you look and feel beautiful!

1. Shaving Cream

It can be used as not only a cleanser; I use it as a shaving cream as well! This is HANDS DOWN the best shaving cream ever. It nourishes the skin while you shave and leaves your skin soft and smooth. If you generally get red bumps (especially on your bikini line) after you shave, you have to give Lemon Cleanser a try. It’s unbelievable. This is also one of the most popular items for men. When women ask me what products to buy for their husband/boyfriend, I always tell them Lemon Cleanser. They use it for their cleanser, but it always seems to end up being their favorite shaving cream as well. It’s the best two-for-one product!

2. Make-up Remover

I often use the cleanser as an eye-makeup remover for mascara and eye makeup. I use it before I cleanse the rest of my face. It is so gentle on your eyes and feels good while removing makeup. It’s alcohol-free and actually moisturizes while removing instead of burning or dying out your eyes.

3. Spot Treatment

If I’m having a breakout I will apply the Lemon Cleanser on the area (like my chin this week…ugh!) Then I will either steam or apply a warm washcloth on it. It disinfects the area, soothes the skin and allows for easier extractions, especially on blackheads! When I’m cleansing my skin in the shower I will leave it on for a few minutes and it acts as a masque and a cleanser all in one!

While I’m on a little lemon kick, here are three ways I have been using my Lemon Essential Oil.

1. Promotes Fat-Loss

I put 2 drops of lemon oil in my water 3x a day. It can support weight loss, and it gives your water a kick!

2. Improves Mood

I diffuse lemon essential oil in the air, because it really lifts my mood. I have been on a Lemon and Lavender diffusing kick. Add 2 drops of each.

3. Lemon Bath:

I add 10 drops of lemon essential oil to my bath water. It will rejuvenate; gently cleanse skin and activate the mind. Plus it smells amazing while you’re bathing.

Now you can see why I am a little lemon obsessed. Its beauty from the inside out with this delicious yellow fruit. Get yours here!

Lemons for the win!

Love, Laura