6 Unexpected Reasons You’re Breaking Out

Have you suddenly started breaking out and don’t know why? You know when it’s a hormonal breakout around that time of the month because it’s like clockwork. But what about when you randomly start breaking out, or if your already acne-prone skin seems to be getting worse?

Frustrating to say the least, right?

I don’t take acne lightly; it’s a real issue. However, sometimes it’s a simple fix!

When someone asks me why they are suddenly breaking out, I always go through the same list of questions to see what the culprit may be. Here are the questions I ask, and some solutions that may help pinpoint the reason for your sudden breakout!

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Did you switch laundry detergent?

Often times this is a simple reason people breakout. This can be a contributor to body breakouts as well. I always recommend the “Free and Clear” types of laundry detergent or organic detergents. If this is the contributing factor to the breakout, the skin tends to clear up quickly.

Did you start using new hair products?

If you’re breaking out along your hairline, cheeks, or neck, it can be the new hair product you started using. This can be shampoo, conditioner or styling products. Stop using the new product for 5-7 days and see if your skin clears up. If it does you’ll know.

Are you using new makeup?

Skin is very temperamental when it comes to makeup. If you started using a new foundation or makeup of any kind, my recommendation is the same as with hair products, stop using it for a good 5-7 days and see how your skin reacts. If it is your makeup, it usually clears up quickly. You can also try using organic makeup.

Have you washed your makeup brushes & sponges?

Makeup tools have a lot of bacteria and germs on them, especially sponges, which can cause breakouts if not cleaned properly. Make sure you wash your tools once a week. One of my favorite DIY makeup brush cleansers is olive oil and liquid soap.

Start, stopped or switch birth control?

If you have recently switched, started or stopped birth control, you can talk with your doctor to find out if this may be the reason for your breakouts.

Cell phone

Your phone is the dirtiest. If you’re breaking out on the side of your face that you hold your phone…you talk too much. Just kiddin! Clean it every day or use your headphones! This is very common and an easy fix.

Hopefully by changing something in your daily routine it will help solve the problem and you’ll be on your way to clear skin! It’s amazing how sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference.

XOXO, Laura