Five Tips To Help You Stop Picking Your Skin

If you’re guilty of sitting in front of the mirror and examining, picking and extracting your skin; you’re not alone! It can be addictive and for some people, it can be soothing. It’s okay to extract or pop a few pimples, if you do it the right way.

What’s not cool is when the popping, squeezing and digging causes damage to your skin. You may end up causing inflammation, scabbing and scarring by spreading the dirt even further into your skin causing even more breakouts. Yikes!

I understand the picking obsession all too well, but I kicked the habit a long time ago. Here are five tips that helped me become a more casual popper and break the cycle.


1. Switch the light bulb or get a night-light.

This is probably the number one thing that helped me. There was only one mirror in one bathroom of my house that would make me go into my picking trance. The lighting was perfect. I could see everything. I literally couldn’t stop myself. I knew this was my weak spot so I took out the light bulbs in the bathroom and I plugged in a very dim night-light. My perfect lighting and mirror combo did not exist anymore. I couldn’t see my pores in the mirror any longer.

If you have natural light, change where the mirror is located in the room or replace it with a picture. Instead of removing the light bulbs like I did you can replace them with dim soft lighting.

2. Apply spot treatment or serum instead.

Keep your hands busy and instead of causing stress and damage to your skin, apply product that will help improve it instead. I like to tap it on my chin or other problem areas. I wait 15 minutes and then do it again. My two favorite products for this are Clear Skin Targeted Treatment and Herbal Spot Treatment. If I’m not breaking out, I will also apply Facial Recovery Oil or Eight Greens Youth Serum. This really helped me kick the habit. I was keeping my hands busy and reversing damage!

3. Throw away your magnifying mirror.

If a magnifying mirror is your problem instead of a certain location in your house, give it away or throw it out! If you don’t have it you can’t use it.

4. Put up Post-It or signs.

Wherever you start picking your skin you should put up signs to remind you to stop, such as:

Stop picking your skin!

Hands Off!

Leave your skin alone!

I have the control and power to stop picking my skin

I have beautiful flawless skin!

(Whatever works for you.)

5. See a skincare professional.

Make an appointment with a professional to get extractions/facials to clean your skin the right way. Plus having someone hold you accountable helps more than you think.

I have worked on thousands of people, and this is a very common problem. Often times it takes doing little things like this to break the habit. Once you start seeing improvement in your skin, it becomes easier and easier to keep your hand off your pretty face!

XOXO- Laura