The Skin Staple You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to skincare, I think toners slide under the radar. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because they’re a bit of a mystery. Everyone always asks me “Do I really need a toner? What does it do anyway?” It’s a legitimate question, so I am here to help clear things up!

Here is the 411 on the mysterious toner.


What is the purpose of a toner?

The most important function of a toner is to bring the skin’s pH back to the right level after cleansing. This leaves the skin clean, toned and balanced.

What else can a toner do?

Well, it depends on the toner. Toners can moisturize, control oil production, tighten and firm the skin, minimize pores, revitalize fatigued skin, lighten hyperpigmentation, calm sensitive skin, sooth inflammation and rosacea, remove surface impurities, etc. It essentially finishes and enhances the cleansing process.

How do I know what toner is right for me?

This depends on your skin type and/or your main skin concern.

For example: If you have oily skin, with occasional breakouts I would recommend the Lime Refresh Tonique.


Maybe you have normal to dry skin and your main concern is aging. I would recommend the Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist because it’s hydrating and very age-defying.


When do you use a toner?

After you cleanse and before you apply moisturizer, oil or serum.

Should everyone use a toner?

Yes, it will improve your skin.

Do I have to use a toner?

No, but I do not condone such behavior 😉

Will a toner really help my skin?


Regardless of your skin type or skin concern, toners have your back! They really can assist you in your skincare needs and can be a powerful component in your daily regimen. If I were you I would start spritzing away!!

XO, Laura