The Ultimate Facial Sunscreen That Won’t Mess Up Your Makeup

You can use all the anti-aging face cream and serums in the world, but if you’re not using sun protection it doesn’t matter. Ask any dermatologist what the single most important skincare product is and they will tell you, sunscreen. Especially if you’re looking to avoid sun damage, premature aging, and melanoma.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking to avoid all three!


Even though we know it’s important, it’s easy to skip this step because some sunscreens can be sticky, stinky, sting your eyes and not work with your makeup. I get it. No worries though, I’ve got your back. Actually I’ve got your face, neck and décolleté covered with my favorite sunscreen for the face. Ha!


I can’t live without the Sun Defense Minerals!

As you can see from the picture it comes in an easy to use applicator that you simply brush on. The minerals are all natural, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging, and water-resistant that provides SPF 30 sun protection. Oh wait there’s more… it will also leave your skin looking even, flawless and with a beautiful matte finish.

Yowzer, pretty amazing right!?

I made a video less than two minutes long on the Sun Defense Minerals and how to apply them. Check it out!

Now you can see why I can’t live without this product and you shouldn’t either. The beautiful, easy way to protect your face!

It comes in 5 different shades and translucent, which is perfect for men. Women also love translucent if they prefer a clear powder instead of tinted. I have translucent and Peaches and Cream, it’s the perfect match for my skin tone. Leave a comment below if you’d like my help deciding which shade is best for you!

Get yours HERE 🙂

XO, Laura